Back in June, Youngbloods released Pastels, a new mixtape from Boy King Islands—a duo comprised of Zachary Mastoon and Jason Hunt.

Pastels is a collection of previously forgotten demos, song sketches, and various unreleased material in a long-play format. Pastels is the fourth full-length offering from Boy King Islands, following on from 2011’s Fall, 2012’s Sun Worship, and 2015’s White Mirror. Although it’s not an album per se, Pastels is a coherent and trippy ride through the duo’s creative world.

The video above for album cut “Are We Where From Tell Can’t We” is directed and edited by Chicago-based filmmaker Greg Stephen Reigh. For the video, Reigh experimented with editing and crafting a story through random “found” footage while on vacation in Los Angeles.

You can pick up Pastels via Bandcamp here.