Braille is back with Too Much, out March 27 on Scuba’s Hotflush.

Too Much comprises five cuts of UK-inflected house and electronica, ranging between the hyperactive breakbeats of “Constellation Conversation” and the laid-back vibe of “Got A Job.” We’re told that it features “a signature Braille range of styles” and thematic features of vocal hooks and classic dance inflections.

Braille, real name Praveen Sharma, is one half of Sepalcure with Machinedrum. The project launched in 2011 and returned to Hotflush last year with Stand Still, Braille’s first solo outing in five years.


01. Too Much
02. Got a Job
03. Constellation Conversation
04. Branzino
05. Do it Right
06. Constellation Conversation (160 edit) (Bandcamp Exclusive)

Too Much EP is out March 27 on Hotflush Recordings. Snippets will be added as soon as they’re available.