As we reported last month, NYC producer Braille (who serves as half of the Sepalcure duo alongside Machinedrum) has signed to LA label Friends of Friends for an upcoming EP and LP. Now, Braille (real name Praveen Sharma) has detailed the first of those forthcoming releases, sharing a new track in the process.

Sharma’s Everyone’s Crazy EP will officially land via Friends of Friends on February 10, showcasing six new productions “heavy on 808 kicks and field recordings sourced from deep within his own audio library.” Serving as our first taste is “Too Forward,” a slow-motion beat flush with watery chords and smoky R&B echoes. Braille’s latest tune can be streamed in full below, where the complete tracklist for his Everyone’s Crazy EP can also be found; the producer is expected to follow up the record with his first full-length effort, Mute Swan, in May.

1. Everyone’s Crazy
2. Four Hours
3. I Know
3. Small Downs
5. Too Forward
6. I Was Gonna Make It