To celebrate 4/20, The Fug (a.k.a. Brain Rays and Stoogie Houzer) have offered up two exclusive tracks as free downloads.

The tracks act as a precursor to the duo’s forthcoming Enter the Fug 2 mixtape, which is set to drop in summer on cassette and digitally. The Fug draws upon all of the influences of the duo’s “misspent youth,” reimagining genres such as hip-hop, house, ambient, and jungle and coating them in “thick, sticky sludge and dragging them deep into an uneasy, hypnotic world.” The two tracks on offer today invite the listener into this murky, smoke-filled world with warped basslines, scattered percussion, and queasy beats.

The new project follows Brain Rays’ recent collaboration with Neil Landstrumm on My Techno Weighs A Ton, and precedes a forthcoming EP with Landstrumm on DJ Haus’ Unknown to the Unknown.

You can stream and download the two free tracks below.