Enchufada label head Branko will release a 14-track compilation titled Enchufada Na Zona on July 7.

The compilation is a natural extension of Branko’s NTS radio show of the same name, presenting 14 cuts that shine a light on a host of exciting producers whilst simultaneously eradicating musical borders. Like Branko’s own diverse view of club music, the compilation features a wide-ranging style of cuts from producers such as Lorenzo BITW, Poté, Rastronaut, KKing Kong, Dotorado Pro, Sansai, and Mina, among many others—there is also a wealth of fresh Branko edits thrown in the mix. Branko’s inclusive and celebratory ethos is on display on the release, as he explains:

“Maybe now more than ever, the idea of celebrating connections and diversity feels like the only thing people should be making music about. The tracks I’ve been playing and the artists that have surrounded me on my travels reflect a new perspective on music and life that I wanted to explore in this compilation—I wanted to give my audience access to the music that has shaped the last two years of my journey.”

Ahead of the release on July 7, Branko has offered up a stream of the album’s opening cut, available via the player below, alongside the tracklisting and Branko’s upcoming tour dates.


1. Lorenzo BITW “27” (ft. rAHHH)
2. Populous “Umi”
3. Mina “Sentah” (ft. Bryte)
4. BadSista & Tap “Na Madruga” (Branko Edit)
5. KKing Kong “Drenas”
6. DZgot “Bout Konpa” (Branko Edit)
7. Gamboa Beatz “Malditas Melodias”
8. Dengue Dengue Dengue “Guarida” (Branko Edit)
9. Sansai “Do Banque”
10. Rastronaut “Azinhaga”
11. Jowaa “Banku Dade”
12. Batuk “Força Força” (Branko Edit)
13. Dotorado Pro “Vibes”
14. Poté “For The Cause”

Tour Dates:

June 30 – Future Bounce x Enchufada, Birthdays @ London, UK
July 7 – Sunnyvale @ New York, US (Compilation Release Party)
July 8 – Bass Coast Festival @ Merritt, CA
July 28 – Galapagai @ Zaraso Ežeras, LT