Brendon Moeller will debut on Fluxion’s Vibrant Music with an indie- and shoegaze-influenced album, Materialize.  

Moeller spent his early days in South Africa in various bands exploring indie, shoegaze, ambient, moody, and cinematic sounds. The album sees him come “full circle,” the label explains, reaching out to his early influences but with the knowledge and experience of many years of exploration of modular synths. “It explores time and space through a minimalist, stoic approach,” the label adds. 

Over the course of his career, Moeller has constantly challenged himself with new concepts and ideas, incorporating techno, dub, jazz, ambient, and sound design to his works. He has collaborated with labels like Echocord, Third Ear, Electric Deluxe, Prologue, and Mord to name a few. 

The album is Vibrant Music’s first release of 2019. 


01. Materialize 

02. Ghost Strand 

03. There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay 

04. Circles Guaranteed 

05. Summon 

06. Staying In 

07. Dusk 

08. Dunes 

09. Colorful Donation 

10. Sweet Berry Wine 

Materialize LP lands July 5 on vinyl and digital, with “Summon” streaming here.