Oedipa Maas will release his debut EP on Amselcom, titled Real Illusions.

Oedipa Maas is the alias of Gus Nisbet, a producer based out of Bristol, United Kingdom, aiming to pioneer a more downtempo, European-influenced style of house music on home turf.

The EP consists of two original tracks with two remixes, and generally sits around 110bpm in a downtempo, quirky house style. Conceptually, it’s about perception, the power of ideas, and embracing randomness.

“Behind our individual identities lies a complex sequence of events,” Nisbet explains. “We spend years defining who we are through experiences, ideas, and thoughts. But what if identity is an illusion? What if our sense of self is constructed by millions of ideas outside our control? Does this still make us real, if only to ourselves?”

He continues: “The line between the real and the illusory is delicate. Ideas, concepts, and words define who we are, but they can’t be touched, they don’t physically exist. So what does exist? Does something have to be concrete and physical to be real, or are concepts and metaphors real too?”

The EP cover, designed by Joe Webb, aims to demonstrate the deceptions our brains are capable of.


01. Artifice
02. Artifice (Feinheitsbrei Remix)
03. Mimesis
04. Mimesis (Bassara Remix)

Real Illusions EP is out on February 28, with a stream below, and pre-order available here on Friday, February 14.

Artwork | Joe Webb