Acclaimed British composer and multi-instrumentalist Danny Mulhern has shared a haunting new video ahead of his new EP on 1631 Recordings

Safe House follows on from 2017’s Reflections On A Dead Sea LP and acts as an accompaniment to Danny’s previous Metanoia release. It also continues his series of collaborations with players from the London Contemporary Orchestra.

The video for “Weight Of A Nation” was directed by Helga Fannon, whose work is renowned for its depictions of people and the fragility of life and the importance of childhood experiences on us as we grow older.

My film is a dreamscape that suggests the human potential for metamorphosis, which is most manifest in the transition from child to adolescent. This is contrasted alongside cycles of sameness, of strangeness, and more linear processes of gradual growth. Mulhern’s score is both impish and profound, playful and serious, just like childhood experiences and dreams themselves.”—Helga Fannon

We’re told that Safe House sees Mulhern introduce more electronic and rhythmically driven offerings that dip toes into classic IDM, off-kilter downbeat electronica, and desolate ambiance. 


01. Perpetual Motion

02. Depth Perception 

03. December

04. Weight Of A Nation

05. Arrival

06. Safe House

07. Set In Motion

Safe House EP will land on June 15 via 1631 Recordings, with “Weight Of A Nation” streaming above.