Is nu-jazz a beached whale? Has the tide of interesting, new, jazzy electronics from West London, Tokyo, and Munich finally been stemmed? Perhaps appearances are deceiving; although outwardly it may seem like the dancing waters of broken beat/nu-jazz sounds have retreated, they’re only regenerating before a bigger wave crashes. A number of big producers and labels will unleash a torrent of quality broken business in the coming weeks. As per usual, our friends at Goya Music Distribution had an offering of some of the finest forthcoming nuggets and shared their bounty with us.

Co-Op Sampler Volume 3Co-Op Recordings
Lewis D’s “The Visitor” is a broken boogie with a sly Brit voiceover talking about the alien glories of West London dance music, Kay Suzuki’s “Take It Easy” highlights her soulful vox against complex piccolo-snare flourishes, while Karizma’s “I C U” melts minds with hypnotic, Osunlade-like tribalism.

BinarioQuantao Daz-I-Kue EditFar Out
Binario are an eight-piece collective from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dave Brinkworth (Harmonic 33) and Far Out’s Joe Davis produced their new album, which features free-jazz leanings and funky noise from the group’s samplers, amplified guitars, and two drum kits. Daz-I-Kue offers a head-nodding, stabby hip-hop version.

JabberloopJabberloop EPMukatsuku
If Japan’s Soil & Pimp Sessions have peaked your interest in horn-section-drenched, 21st-century bop, Jabberloop will also deliver the goods on this lively, four-track EP, which features a potent, broken remix of their own “In:Groove.”

Victor DaviesHear The Sound RemixedAfro Gigolo
Surely one of the UK’s most underrated soul vocalists since Omar, Victor Davies’ critically acclaimed third album, Hear the Sound, is followed by a full set of re-workings. Contributions from Louie Vega, Afro Gigolo, Domu, DJ Kawasaki, Yukihiro Fukutomi, UFO, Smolik, Yam Who?, Rainy City, Atjazz, and Sleep Walker make this a must-have for all serious nu-jazz fanatics.

CatalystSilly Games RemixesFreedom Sounds
Following a killer house EP on Chicago’s Still Recordings, Mr. Alex Attias is at it again, remixing his own classic from 1999. His minimalist edit of “Silly Games” is downright spooky, while Ripperton’s mix is pure rockers dub inna future house stylee! Nice.