Elucid has self-released his new album, Every Egg I Cracked Today Was Double Yolked, exclusively via Bandcamp.

The Brooklyn artist describes the album as a “collection of meditations” composed in 2019 while “floating between various hotels, airport terminals, and bedroom closets with laptop mics and iPhone recordings.”

The record contains an amalgamation of sound collages, off-kilter beats, poetic passages, and experimental hip-hop. Samples are spliced in and out with a controlled sense of chaos. The ending piece, “Leviticus,” features a reading of Gwendolyn Brooks’ children’s book “Aloneness,” originally published in 1971.

The album follows 2018 solo LPs Shit Don’t Rhyme No More and No Edge Ups In Uganda, along with the Nostrum Grocers self-titled collaboration LP with milo.

Order a digital copy of Every Egg I Cracked Today Was Double Yolked HERE, and stream the album in full via YouTube below:


01. Honestly, Aight
02. Spiderz
03. A Great Many Wishes
04. Careen
05. Colony
06. A Gruv
07. Visible Plus Invisible
08. Dune Dada
09. Leviticus