Brooklyn-based producer LiL JaBBA. has a new mini-album on the way, titled MiZO.

LiL JaBBA is a satellite member of Chicago’s Teklife crew, one that has gone is own way following 2013’s footwork-heavy Scales LP. Since then, he’s gone on to develop a sound distinct to himself, combining aspects from dub, jungle, and UK garage.

He’s now set to debut on GETME!, providing a six-track mini-LP that “keeps us on our toes, unaware of what to expect next.”


01. WiCKeT
02. DisTilleR
03. Hot BloC
04. WouND
05. ForeST EdGE
06. MiZO
07. MiZO (WiTU Mix / exclusive to tape)

MiZO will land on April 20, with “ForeST EdGE” streaming in full below.