Back at the start of the month, Brouqade kicked off its 2017 campaign with its 40th release, a VA that celebrates 10 years of Brouqade.

To give an idea of the label’s past, present, and future sounds, Brouqade’s 40th release arrives in three parts: BQD040.1 is a collection of remixes the label released during its early years, including Rhadoo’s remix of Pherox’s “Gabrielle,” Buck’s remix of Danilo Schneider’s “L’ecole,” and Laurine Frost’s remix of Dana & Nvelope’s “Flowers”; BQD40.2 features recently signed artist, including Vid’s “Camelie,” Oshana’s “Different Places, Different Spaces,” and Andrea Fiorito’s “Black”; and BQD40.3 presents new label signings with Giuliano Lomonte “Reflections,” Jorge Gamarra & Gulp’s “Valve,” Formas’ “Prisma.”

As a whole, Brouqade’s 40th release paints an inspiring picture of a label that has unearthed and pushed forward-thinking dancefloor tracks for 10 years now. More so, with the latest drop, BQD40.3, the label shows that its future is sounding as bright as ever.

Ahead of the mid-May release of BQD40.3, you can stream Formas’ “Prisma” in full via the player below.