Bruce—a.k.a Larry McCarthy—will release his debut album, Sonder Somatic, this October via UK imprint Hessle Audio

Sonder Somatic follows EPs for Timedance, Livity Sound, Idle Hands, and Hemlock, and comes four years after his debut EP, Not Stochastic, for Hessle Audio. We’re told that the album “pushes the boundaries of what club music can be whilst expertly refining his work as both a club producer and an experimental sound designer.” It “packs 11 singular UK club tracks that evoke a distinctly emotive and dense energy, channelling detailed sound designs, tangled textures and club anthems for 2018 and beyond.”

Bruce has been a long-term fan of Hessle Audio, the label of Pearson Sound, Ben UFO, and Pangaea, and wanted to craft an album that continues their singular attitude while incorporating vibes from UK sound system music as well as music from his hometown of Bristol.

“From being a fan of their work from the very beginning, it’s not only the music they have released that has informed my taste/work, but also the journey they have formed through the application of their attitude and approach.” —Bruce


 01. Elo

 02. Cacao

 03. Ore

 04. Meek

 05. Torn

 06. What

 07. Baychimo

 08. Patience St Pim

 09. It’ll Pass

10. Æon

11. Serotonin Levels Low

Sonder Somatic will land on October 26, with “Æon” streaming in full via the player below.