Italy’s Bruno Bavota is joining Brooklyn-based Temporary Residence Ltd. for the release of his next full-length, RE_CORDIS, scheduled to hit record stores in January 2019. 

Recorded in Bavota’s hometown of Naples, Italy over the course of one session, the album explores some of his most recognized and celebrated works from the last eight years, including some of those from Il Pozzo d’Amor, The Secret of The Sea, La Casa Sulla Luna, Mediterraneo, Out of The Blue, and Impression. New to the album are “Moving Clouds” and “The Night Of,” with an official live video of the song’s recording session revealed too. Bavota can be seen simultaneously layering multiple piano parts and changing the subtle electronic textures from his effects pedals and processors. 

Temporary Residence Ltd. tells us: “The recording is charmingly informal, leaving the sounds of Bavota’s physical movements—the shuffling of feet, the triggering of effects pedals, the creaking of stools—present in the mix to mingle with the music. As an exhibition of Bavota’s skills as a composer and performer, it’s impressive; as a glimpse of what’s to come, it’s an epiphany.” 


01. The night of

02. Passengers

03. If only my heart were wide like the sea

04. Moving clouds

05. La luce nel cuore

06. Mediterraneo

07. The man who chased the sea

08. Les nuits blanches

09. Out of the blue

10. Il dito si muove sul vetro appannato

11. Amour

RE_CORDIS will be available on vinyl and digital formats January 18, 2019.