Bruno Pronsato will release a new album, A Face Wasted On The Theatre, written and produced in collaboration with the Israeli musician Yonatan Levi.

Pronsato and Levi have been collaborating intermittently since 2014, with Levi adding bass guitar to tracks on both Pronsato’s US Drag LP from last year and 2016’s Cruel Is The Color, as well as contrabass on a track on Pronsato’s Archangel LP from 2014.

Written in the afternoons and between two different studios in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg, the album spans eight tracks, with Levi playing the bass guitar on six of them. It also features guest appearances by downtown composer/producer Peter Gordeon and Israeli saxophonist Yonatan Yudkowitz on “Bring Me A Kill.”


01. Better Than Cindy
02. Jenny, Give Me A Sign
03 A Face Wasted On The Theatre
04. The Pugilist
05. Walk Like It’s 2007
06. Bring Me A Kill
07. Ball Gowns Fall Down
08. Perfect Slacks

A Face Wasted On The Theatre will land on May 11 via Foom, with track previews below.