Bruno Pronsato is releasing his new on Perlon.

Do It At Your Funeral is Pronsato’s first album on Zip and Markus Nikolai’s Frankfurt label, but he has previously featured on it with 2018’s The Girls Thing EP. His earlier solo album, US Drag, came out on Foom, the London label of Benjamin Freeney, who recently contributed to the XLR8R podcast. Freeney, a rising name, features on the new album and co-produced tracks on US Drag.

Bruno Pronsato, real name Steven Ford, is a Berlin-based American also known for his work as Archangel. You can read more about him in his XLR8R Studio Essentials feature here. In 2018, he teamed up with L.A. Teen for A Face Wasted On The Theatre, also on Foom.

As with all Perlon releases, there’s very little information given about the release. As usual, it’ll land on vinyl only.


A1. Catching Lisbon
A2. Do It At Your Funeral
B1. Local Vampires
B2. Version You
C1. With Daze
C2. Isn’t Measured Isn’t Managed
D1. Best Before Benj
D2. Ode To Street Hassle feat. Benjamin Freeny
D3. Simenon Briefly

Do It At Your Funeral LP is scheduled for June 4 release. Meanwhile, you can stream clips over here.