Bruno Silva will release Dias da Aranha, his new album as Serpente.

Silva, a prolific fixture of the Portuguese music scene, has operated under numerous aliases throughout the years, including the much-loved Ondness and Serpente. Whereas Ondness deals personally with Silva’s obsessions, anxieties, and hauntings, Serpente is more “strict,” Silva says, and focused on percussion. In 2020, he contributed a track to XLR8R+, alongside DJ Nigga Fox, and a podcast to XLR8R.

Featuring collaborations with Maxwell Sterling, Kelly Jayne Jones, Pedro Sousa, Vasco Alves, and Gabriel Ferrandini, Dias da Aranha is a “leap” from previous Serpente releases. These includes Parada, released in June 2019, and Fé/Vazio, an album of “properly mazy rhythmic psychedelia, released last year on Ecstatic Recordings.

There’s no restrain here, we understand, the beats evolve in a self-confident way, and the way it assembles and incorporates other people’s sounds is “a bliss,” the label says. While escapism is very present in all Silva’s music, because in the past the idea of searching for it was key, in Dias da Aranha he “lives in it.”

Mastering comes from Carlos Nascimento.


01. Nunca Morras
02. Meio Ondness
03. Símbolo IV
04. Símbolo V
05. Vala da Luz da Manhã
06. Ritos de Poeira

Dias da Aranha LP is scheduled for May 6 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Símbolo V” and “Ritos de Poeira” in full below, and pre-order here.