Bruno Silva will release Irmãs, his new album as Serpente.

Silva, a prolific fixture of the Portuguese music scene, has operated under numerous aliases throughout the years, including the much loved Ondness name. Whereas Ondness deals personally with Silva’s obsessions, anxieties, and hauntings at a given moment, Serpente is more “strict,” Silva says, and focused on percussion. In 2019, he released Parada, his first album as Serpente, and he has also contributed to XLR8R+.

Irmãs, Portuguese for “sisters,” comprises two 17-minute tracks which are intrinsically linked, mirroring and then inverting one another. Typical of the Serpente project, the tracks “artfully transform the strictest percussive forces into expressive and mind-expanding mantras,” we’re told.

The release is Silva’s first for Alien Jams, a London label run by Chloe Frieda. It follows Fé​/​Vazio, an album of “properly mazy rhythmic psychedelia,” from August.

Learn more about Ondness in his XLR8R podcast here.

Matering is by Carlos Nascimento, with artwork from Richard Forbes-Hamilton.


01. Da Clara
02. Para Celeste

Irmãs is scheduled for February 19 release. Meanwhile, you can stream clips below and pre-order the cassette here.