Eighteen-year-old Dutch producer Kenrick Connor (a.k.a. Kentje Onbekend, a.k.a. Anti-G) is at the head of the current Dutch bubbling house movement, and is set to release his first full-length, Anti-G Presents Kentje’sz Beatsz, June 6 on Planet Mu. Like many of his peers, the Delft-based Connor became enamored with the sounds of his local black and Latin communities, which included bubbling, reggaeton, Dutch and American hip-hop, and house. Unsatisfied hearing them separately, Connor has worked feverishly to create an amalgam of all those sounds, which he’s combined on Anti-G Presents Kentje’sz Beatsz, a body of works created between 2009 and 2010. Get to know Anti-G’s sound below, and pre-order the album here.

1. OepSs Te Hardd!
2. Freak it out
3. CrazyShit
4. Bubbling Cause Trouble
5. Inspiration Meets Bubbling
6. King Off Speakers
7. Its Just Fresh Hiphop
8. Crack The Glass!
10. Full Up
11. Trille Tot Je doodvall!
12. Turn the hiphop on
13. A Hype up System
14. Pump Up!
15. Reggaeton Man!
16. Instrumentals Reggaeton