Vista Recordings is back with a new release, this time inaugurating a compilation series with some old and new faces, namely Depuratumba, Tobey, Torteval, and M.lee & Tobey. Across four tracks, the label, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, aims to give us a “hint” of what to expect in the future.

With the release, the label continues its search for a hybrid sound, where rave, house, dub, and breaks merge. “Metallic and harsh sounds blended with moments of delight. Oceanic and subtle melodies combined with intense rhythms. All coexisting with a deep sense of homogeneity,” the label adds.


01. Depuratumba “Vudu”
02. Tobey “U Could”
03. M.lee & Tobey “Use My Phone”
04. Torteval “DĂșctil”

VA001 is out December 23, with previews below.