Barcelonan breakout producer John Talabot has announced the forthcoming release of a remix EP for some standout tracks from his recent debut album, the XLR8R Pick’d Fin. The five-track offering—which features reworkings by the Pachanga Boys (a.k.a. Rebolledo and Superpitcher), Denmark-based duo Kenton Slash Demon, and UK talent Bullion—will drop on October 12 via Permanent Vacation in the form of two vinyl records. One 12″ will feature the three contributions helmed by the Pachanga Boys, who crafted “Purple,” “Red,” and “Blue” remixes of John Talabot’s “When the Past Was Present.” The accompanying 10″ is split between Kenton Slash Demon’s take on “Last Land” and Bullion’s version of “Destiny,” which apparently replaces Pional’s orignal vocals with Buillon’s own singing and lyrics. Seeing as how John Talabot’s remix record is denoted as Vol. 1, we expect more installments of the series in the near future.