In a page unveiled on Hyperdub‘s website today, the press- and camera-shy producer known as Burial has seemingly come forth with his identity once again, confirming in a message and photograph that he is indeed the same William Bevan who has been purported to be behind the project all along. The UK artist writes, “Hi, this is Will. I just want to say thank you to anyone out there who liked my Burial tunes and supported me over the years. It’s really appreciated.” He goes on to talk about trying to finish new music this year ahead of the release of the Dark Souls II video game, because he needs to “play that game a lot,” but will “try to get some new tunes together before it comes out.”

Bevan continues, “Also, I want to go and find some old tunes I did that still sound alright and never came out. It would be nice to finally put some of them out on vinyl one day.” Though there are no concrete details or release plans shared in the message, it’s nonetheless a surprising treat to hear from such a patently quiet artist. And with any luck, Burial’s new music won’t arrive too long after his excellent Rival Dealer EP from the end of last year. Burial’s entire message can be read here.