Among this year’s Mercury Prize nominees–which include Radiohead, British Sea Power, and Robert Plant–sits the ever-elusive Burial, who guards his privacy so tightly he puts Banksy to shame in terms of anonymity. The U.K.-based dubstep producer’s Untrue album has joined the ranks of In Rainbows and Do You Like Rock Music? for the annual music prize.

Though electronic music artists have been awarded before (Roni Size won in 1997, and Dizzee Rascal scooped the award in 2003 for Boy in Da Corner), this is the first year a wide number of people are betting on a dubstep producer as a solid contender. Somehow we think the Mercury Prize isn’t at the top of Burial’s radar, and as our friends over at Resident Advisor stated, “We, of course, don’t expect Burial to attend the award ceremony, but if he just so happens to win, who will pick [the award] up in his stead?”

All questions answered on September 9, when the award is handed out.

Photo by Georgina Cook.