Burnt Friedman will release a new album via his own Nonplace Records in May, titled Musical Traditions In Central Europe: Explorer Series Vol. 4.

The 10-track release arrives as a fourth part of a series that doesn’t actually exist and takes the form of an ethnological compilation, but includes only Friedman’s music. The label describes it as a “modest sampling of extinct splendors, political or individual sufferings, gloomy sadness, love, resentment, exquisite delicacy, laughter, and delectable wisdom of rural and urban central European music.” It features Brazilian artist Lucas Santtana and saxophonist Hayden Chisholm. 

“The system of scales, and also the fact that the western central Europeans rely on recorded or written script in order to conserve the themes of their music, could lead us to look upon it as a form of art music,” the press release reads. “Remarkably enough, traditional house or techno which existed 30 years ago still flourishes today. Moreover, all the time new forms and musical styles are being discovered, tried out and eventually overlooked.” 

Friedman’s last album came in 2017, titled The Pestle.

Hear Friedman’s 2018 XLR8R podcast here


01. Supreme Self Dub 

02. Moslemschleier 

03. Schwebende Himmelsbrücke 

04. Unbehagen In Der Natur 

05. Semio – Blitz 

06. Berlin, A Cidade Que Não Morreu feat. Lucas Santtana 

07. Messdiener 

08. Sensation Des Normalen 

09. Gottesdienst 

10. Sky Speech feat. Hayden Chisholm 

Musical Traditions In Central Europe: Explorer Series Vol. 4.’ arrives in May.