As announced, Dekmantel is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a 10-part EP series being released throughout 2017. Having kicked off in March, the label is putting out an EP every month, each featuring friends and family, while dropping in some scene-defining legends. EPs 5, 6 and 7 in the series see Burnt Friedman, Young Marco, Suzanne Kraft, Fatima Yamaha, Tolouse Low Trax, and Randomer amongst others joining the ride.

The fifth EP sees Burnt Friedman making his debut with “Monsuna.” Alongside him sits Detroit act Ectomorph, (BMG & Erika) also making their inauguration with a record that surmises the group’s analog style of Motor City beats. Besides that, longtime family members Juju & Jordash are back again, this time with “Neon Swing,” a fast-paced cut. Last but not least, there’s Fatima Yamaha with his “Platform,” completing the fifth output in the series.

Next comes EP 6, featuring the collective talents of Young Marco, Suzanne Kraft, Tom Trago, and Awanto3. The A-side gets family member Young Marco on board with a beautiful, melodic, waterfall of a track, whilst Suzanne Kraft crafts a delightful, ambient-meets-house gem. On the other side, it’s Dutch house Institute Tom Trago with his “Digital Love,” and Rednose Distrikt main-man Awanto3 with analog, feel-good, electro-beat rhythm, edited courtesy of Klakson’s Dexter.

On EP 7, Randomer’s Dekmantel contribution is staggered and dark. Versatile Records’ Gilb’R brings forth his organic, percussive grooves that have helped define his music, and label to date. Salon Des Amateurs’ Tolouse Low Trax provides a seasoned session of amniotic, grizzled, hypnotic post-everything music, whilst Parasian techno wizard, Voiski adds layered organic, futuristic loops that work to stall the progress of time, and space.

To date, the 10-year anniversary series has seen new releases by the likes of The Egyptian Lover, Levon Vincent, Gigi Masin, Call Super, Palms Trax and many more. Still to come is music by, amongst others, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Matrixxman, Ricardo Villalobos, and Tony Allen.



A1. Burnt Friedman “Monsuna”
A2. Ectomorph “Edge Of”
B1. Juju & Jordash “Neon Swing”
B2. Fatima Yamaha “Platforms” (Empty Version)


A1. Young Marco “Palace Green Beans”
A2. Suzanne Kraft “Moving”
B1. Tom Trago “Digital Love”
B2. Awanto 3 “Pepe Mujica”


A1. Voiski “Time As A River”
A2. Randomer “Foghorn”
B1. Tolouse Low Trax “Crash”
B2. Gilb’R “The Triangle”

Dekmantel will release 10YEARS05, 10YEARS06 and 10YEARS07 on September 4, September 25, and October 16, 2017, respectively, with clips streamable below.