Daddy Kev and his finance Danyell Jariel are running their Alpha Pup label like a top-flight, pure-breed kennel. They’ve planned a slew of new albums from some of L.A.’s finest underground hip-hop acts, and, along with labels like Plug Research and Mush, are defining the new century L.A. sound.

Albums are on the way from acts familiar to the dublab or East Hollywood set: Daedelus, Omid, edIT, Carlos Niño & Gaby Hernandez, and Kail are all certifiably dope, but their music spans many genres and categories, from electronic and folk, to hip-hop and dub. Kev and Jariel have their finger on some emerging talent reminiscent of great labels like Ninja Tune, Lex, and Domino. AP’s output may be varied, but listeners trust labels that pursue good art. Alpha Pup’s busy release schedule should engender plenty of trust. 

First out will be tasty releases like Omid’s Afterwords 3 (8/24, digital only), edIT’s “Battling/Crunk DeGaulle” (8/21, digital single), edIT’s Certified Air Raid Material (9/18: digital, 10/9: physical), and Carlos Niño & Gaby Hernandez’ La Voz Sabia De Los Cosmos (10/16). Later in the fall, we will see new records from L.A. rapper Kail (True Hollywood Squares) and knob-twiddling extraordinaire, Daedelus (Live At Low End Theory). 

In addition running a label and digital distribution, the couple organizes the cutting-edge, always-packed weekly Low End Theory club night (at the Airliner in Lincoln Heights every Wednesday), and operate one of L.A.’s most in-demand recording studios (the Echo Chamber). Somehow, Kev still has time to play in the Hawaii-inspired indie superduo Reefer, with Nick Thorburn of Islands/ex-Unicorns. 

Alpha Pup is a label that sees the connections between diverse genres; their heads are full of anything from Prefuse 73, Mix Master Mike and Chromeo to Flying Lotus and DJ Nobody. With tons of projects planned for 2008, Alpha Pup is set to romp offleash through the streets and clubs near you.

edIT’s Certified Air Raid Material, Kali’s The Hollywood Squares, and Omid’s Afterwords.