Seattle’s Peloton Musique will release its Pacific Waves compilation on September 26, featuring cuts from artists such as Butane, Pezzner, Hanssen, Frivolous, Rennie Foster, J. Alvarez, the artist known as 214, and more.

The artists on the release were asked to donate tracks for ocean conservancy within the Pacific Coast theme, with all online donations going to Ocean Conservancy and the fight for a clean ocean. Across its whopping 18 tracks, you’ll find everything from deep techno to atmospheric breaks, trippy house, and everything in between.

You can find the full tracklisting available below.


01. Hanssen “Subduction”
02. J.Alvarez “Perigean Tides”
03. Latinum “Haka Khan”
04. Kris Moon “Milas Song”
05. Michael Manahan “TrEeTeK”
06. Roddimus “Scientific Lifestyle”
07. Butane “Memory Lapse”
08. Big Phone “Aphrodite”
09. Let’s Go Outside “Anticline”
10. Cousteau “Kanagua”
11. Phaedrus “Parallel Oscillations”
12. Centrikal “Flow”
13. Leave Trace “Submariner”
14. Rennie Foster “Coastin’”
15. Ginkgo “Dulcinea”
16. Cyanwave “Absence Of Me”
17. Fovus Loir “Moments For A Day” (Frivolous Briny Mix)
18. Pezzner “Delphia Antartica”