Earlier this month, Butane launched his new Extrastretch imprint with Witness Protection.

The new EP followed the final release and subsequent closure of his long-running Alphahouse imprint and kicks off his new creative outlet with three deep and groovy cuts. Extrastretch will feature only Butane productions and will focus on limited-edition vinyl runs and hand-drawn artwork by Cape Town designer and DJ Bruno Morphet, providing the platform for Butane’s singular vision, as he explains:

“After nearly 15 years as a professional in this business, I recognize that everything was leading to this point. I’ve released my music on plenty of big labels, and I’m thankful for those opportunities, but I’ve come to peace with the idea that, as a label owner myself, I’m the single best custodian of my artistic vision. From this point onwards, I will succeed solely on my own crazy ideas about what House and Techno music should look, feel, and sound like.

Living in California, I’m removed from the influence and trends of New York, London, and Berlin. I’m in my own creative world here. Making music has always been about exploration for me, so let’s see where this goes.”

You can pick up Witness Protection on vinyl here, with the digital dropping in a couple of weeks. Butane has also offered up a full stream of EP cut “Witness,” available via the player below.