Germany’s house- and techno-loving Traum sub-label Trapez is just over a month away from dropping its 100th release, a two-part, 17-track 12″ series featuring remixes from the likes of Butch, Keno, Remerc, Italoboyz (pictured above), Worthy, Blind Minded, Lucio Aquilina, Crowdkillers, Marcus Sur, and many others. The first installment, Anniversary Edition Pt. 1, will drop on May 25, and will be followed soon after by Pt. 2 on May 30. Before then, you can check out the full tracklists and labels for each 12″, below.

1. Butch – Muskatnuss (Remerc Remix)
2. Mihalis Safras – Interafrica (Roland M. Dill & Mozambeat Remix)
3. Ryan Crosson- Gotham Road (Deep´a & Biri Remix)
4. Butch – Earth (Mihalis Safras Remix)
5. Italoboyz – Rosa Fresquissima
6. Worthy – Ah Chord (Marcus Sur Remix)
7. Blind Minded – Vu Le Vous Parle
8. Lucio Aquilina – Disco Bus (Fabrice Lig Remix)

1. Mihalis Safras – Interafrica (Amir Remix)
2. Lucio Aquilina – Disco Bus ( Remix)
3. Butch – Reshef (BNZO Remix)
4. Red Robin & Jakob Hilden – Snapdragon (Sebastian Porter Remix)
5. Mucky Pups aka & Jonas – Ambam
6. Keno – Alive
7. Roland M. Dill – I’ll be There (Sam Ball Remix)
8. Amir – Rocky Mountain (Crowdkillers Remix)
9. Marcus Sur – Down with the Ship (Shane Berry Remix)

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