German DJ/producer Butch (whom we profiled last year in our Audiofile section) has just announced his umpteenth release to drop in 2010, a full-length album entitled Eyes Wide Open. The 17-track record will be released on November 3 via Butch’s own Bouq imprint, and is purported to feature “a duality of sound that oscillates between under and over, techno and house, spirituality and marketability and club and home stereo.” You can check out the artwork and tracklist for Eyes Wide Open, along with a handful of European tour dates, below.

01. Dreaming (Prolog)
02. Kids
03. A Positive Thang
04. Amnesia Haze
05. Soul Motion
06. Wet Yourself
07. Say That You Love Me (Feat. Virginia Cover) (Eyes Wide Open)
08. Butters
09. Hippopotame
10. Joy Part II
11. Sun In Her Eyes
12. Under Satans Authority (Skit)
13. Feline (Feat. Julie Marghilano)
14. Resurrection
15. In Gods Arms
16. Between Clouds
17. For Her Smile (Epilog)

15.10.10 50Grad, Mainz (Germany)
16.10.10 Midnight Freaks @ Air, Amsterdam (Holland)
22.10.10 Cocoon Club, Frankfurt (Germany)
23.10.10 Watergate, Berlin (Germany)
30.10.10 Stammheim pres. Storm V @ Documenta Halle, Kassel (Germany)
31.10.10 The Dog & Pony Show @ The Rivington Hotel, New York (USA)
06.11.10 Metamorphose @ Butan, Wuppertal (Germany)
09.11.10 Flex, Vienna (Austria)
12.11.10 U! Can Fly @ Arenile Reload, Naples (Italy)
13.11.10 Mint, Leeds (England)
18.11.10 D.Edge, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
20.11.10 Club Garage, Cuiaba (Brazil)
27.11.10 Jubilee Club, Bari (Italy)
03.12.10 Tripod, Dublin (Ireland)
04.12.10 DPU, Budapest (Hungary)
17.12.10 Harry Klein, Munich (Germany)
18.12.10 Ego, Hamburg (Germany)
25.12.10 Club Plazma, Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
26.12.10 Joshua Brooks, Manchester (England)
27.12.10 Arena, Middlesbrough (England)
15.01.11 Romy S., Stuttgart (Germany)
29.01.11 Fuse, Brussels (Belgium)