Maureen Yancey (a.k.a. Ma Dukes)—mother of the late, great J Dilla, who undoubtedly plays a seminal role to much of the music heard on XLR8R—is taking to eBay to sell off a portion of her son’s massive record collection in a series of weekly sales. The story goes that the iconic hip-hop producer left an estimated 8,000 12″s, personal test presses, audio master tapes, and more in a Detroit storage unit before moving to LA in 2004. When he died in 2006, Dilla’s personal collection of music was nearly lost, until last spring, when his mother recovered it. Now, each week, fans will have the opportunity to own one of J Dilla’s personal records—randomly handpicked and sent over with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Ma Dukes (see below)—the proceeds from which will go directly to The J Dilla Foundation. This week’s allotment appears to have sold out instantly, but you can try your luck again next week by following dillavinylcollection on eBay.