With five solid years of releasing tunes under his belt, Ben Watt and his Buzzin’ Fly imprint are taking some time to acknowledge half a decade’s worth of musical accomplishments with Buzzin’ Fly – 5 Golden Years in the Wilderness.

The triple-disc release, out June 23, pulls together Buzzin’ Fly’s past and future with a boatload of tracks. Disc one features classic dancefloor numbers, including Watt’s “Lone Cat,” released only because it was leaked in 2003. Disc two showcases the heavier side of the label, with deeper, darker tracks from the likes of John Tejada, Automagic, and Jimpster, while the third disc features brand new material from up-and-coming producers.

CD 1 – Up
1. Darkmountaingroup “Lose Control”
2. Ben Watt Feat Estelle “Pop A Cap In Yo’ Ass (Radio Edit)”
3. Rodamaal Feat Nicinha “Musica Feliz (Alex S Classic Club Mix)”
4. Justin Martin “The Sad Piano (Charles Webster Remix)”
5. Ben Watt “Lone Cat”
6. Justin Martin “Nightowl”
7. Rodamaal Feat Claudia Franco “Insomnia (Ame Remix)”
8. Manoo and Francois A “Traffic”
9. Mlle Caro and Franck Garcia “Dead Souls (Radio Slave Remix)”
10. Ben Watt Feat Sananda Maitreya “A Stronger Man”

CD 2 – Down
1. Kayot “One Week On Cuba”
2. Unity “I Love You”
3. Two Armadillos “Nostalgia”
4. Rocco “Thursday Night Friday Morning”
5. Lephtee “So Far Back (The Nova Dream Sequence Remix)”
6. Mlle Caro and Franck Garcia “Mon Ange”
7. Jimpster “Square Up (John Tejada Remix)”
8. Automagic “Do You Feel?”
9. Barbq “Barbi In Love”
10. Manoo and Francois A “A Day in December”

CD 3 – Forward
1. Stimming “Kleine Nachtmusik”
2. Barbq “Music From The Great Plains”
3. Rodamaal Feat Claudia Franco “Insomnia (Kemistry Remix)”
4. Spencer Parker “Chiho”
5. Gavin Herlihy “Give Me A Funf”
6. Lovebirds “The Beat Goes Boom”
7. Here Today “Good News”