Bvdub has a new album on the way, titled Ten Times The World Lied.

Ten Times the World Lied is the fifth album Brock Van Wey has released on Glacial Movements, and nearly his 40th in total. We’re told to expect the best album he has released on the Italian ambient label—10 songs “impossible to describe in words but which will breach the heart of all those who lose themselves in this sonic wonder,” the label explains.

The album is completely devoid of vocals for the first time ever, as Van Wey spins “layers upon layer of divine clouds, gradually darkening, gradually closing in,” the label adds. Van Wey mastered it himself.

In 2019, Bvdub released Explosions In Slow Motion on n5MD.


01. Not Yours to Build
02. Not Yours to Say
03. Not Yours to Give
04. Not Yours to Know
05. Not Yours to See
06. Not Yours to Find
07. Not Yours to Keep
08. Not Yours to Take
09. Not Yours to Rule
10. Not Yours to Break

Ten Times The World Lied LP is out digitally on April 6. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here, where you can also stream “Not Yours to Build” and “Not Yours to Say.”