bvdub will release a new album via R&S’ ambient sub-label Apollo Records, titled Drowning In Daylight

A stalwart DJ and promoter of the halcyon ’90s San Francisco rave scene, Brock Van Wey fled to China in the early 2000s to escape the curdling of his musical dreams as the scene became more commercial. Since his return, he’s been prolific in his creation, etching out peerless ambient works that have captivated listeners with their delicate melody and fascinating textures through releases for the likes of Echospace, Kompakt, and Styrax. 2018’s A Different Definition of Love marked his 30th bvdub album to date.

We’re told that the four-track album sees the US producer explore cavernous soundscapes on a grand canvas that throb with a delicate intimacy. Each track clocks in at around the 20-minute mark.


01. Drowning in Daylight, Never Ending 

02. Waves From Above, Never Ceasing 

03. Seas Of Shores, Forever Sweeping 

04. You And Me, Forever Reaching 

Drowning In Daylight will land on September 14 via Apollo Records, with a clip from “Waves From Above, Never Ceasing” available below.