Brock Van Wey, better known as Bvdub, will release his first album on Affin, the label founded in 2007 by Joachim Spieth.

Since he started out in 2007, Van Wey has released more than 40 albums and EPs, spanning ambient of electro-acoustic compositions. He kick-started his career in music as a DJ on the San Francisco rave scene and runs Quietus Recordings, which is “dedicated to releasing and communicating the deepest, most personal, and innermost realms of electronic music.”

Decades On Divided Stars, his first album since Violet Opposition in February, features four powerful long-form compositions, each “with a sonic and emotional density second to none,” we’re told.

Alongside the release, Van Way shared the following statement:

“You are lost… Losing your sense of time…. for yourself. And yet you find your inner existence in the galaxies folding inward. Your thoughts and emotions circle like planets caught in gravitational pull before you suddenly awaken as if from a dream, unaware of how much time has passed. Only the stars will tell…”


01. Invisible Emperors
02. Colors Unknown to You
03. Twelve Years Apart
04. Decades On Divided Stars

Decades On Divided Stars LP is scheduled for July 22 release. Meanwhile, you can stream clips below and pre-order here.