Following the recent news that Nathan Micay (a.k.a Bwana) will be releasing an EP titled Capsule’s Pride via LuckyMe, which features dialogue, music, and sound effects from the wildly influential manga blockbuster Akira, Micay is now set to present yet another EP on the profoundly influential imprint, Aus Music.

Having recently settled down in Berlin, The three-track EP which is titled Opening The Gate is beholden of the immeasurable hours that the young Canadian artist has spent both behind the decks and on the floor of one of Berlin’s most cherished music destinations, Panorama Bar.

Opening The Gate EP is set to drop on April 15. Check out Bwana’s previous two release on Aus Music via SoundCloud in the players below.


01. Homeboy
02. 50% Maximum Power
03. Muscle Power’s Final Hours