The autumn brings two new treats from Planet-E founder and Detroit techno wizard Carl Craig. In September, C2 will be re-releasing the four EPs that he recorded under his 69 moniker on his own venerable label; including such instant techno classics as “Desire” and “My Machines,” the four-disc vinyl-only boxed set will be released in an edition of 500, and 100 of those come with limited 69 t-shirts. Meanwhile, October sees the release of Parisian Etienne Jaumet‘s first proper solo album, Night Music (Domino), which Craig produced. Adding his own techno-hypnotism to some already engrossing loop-based synth workouts, C2 certainly brings Jaumet’s sound fully into the club, and along with his regular DJ sets and worldwide appearances, seems like our man from Detroit won’t be getting much sleep after the summer’s over!