France’s Jean-Guillaume Cabanne (better known as Cabanne) has detailed his upcoming debut LP, Discopathy, scheduled for release via his own Minibar imprint this coming October.

Cabanne has been an active DJ-producer for over 16 years and has long been considered as one of the main players on the minimal house scene. Having trained as a guitarist and with an education in jazz and soul music, he has created his own unique micro sound; each of his productions reveals a groove that feels unique to his work.

Discopathy is the latest addition to an extensive discography that includes various solo EPs and singles and collaborative LPs—but Discopathy will be his first venture into full-length format as a solo artist.

According to the label, the 11-tracker has “been matured and refined for years,” taking “minimal house lovers, electronic music enthusiasts and jazz players on a peculiar and powerful journey.”


01. MC.
02. My T.
03. Nastish.
04. Dizzy.
05. Minguz.
06. RSO
07. Block
08. Fr4
09. Pope Korn
10. Liquid napping
11. Swinging in the rain

Discopathy is scheduled for mid-October release via Minibar.