Canada may not be a hotbed for rappers, but 21-year-old Roland “Cadence Weapon” Pemberton has done the great North American nation proud. His debut album, Breaking Kayfabe (Upper Class), not only earned him a Polaris Music Prize nomination, but it also set him a step above his aged contemporaries, gaining him remixes for the likes of Lady Sovereign, Disco D, and Kid Sister. It also led to his eventual signing to Anti-/Epitaph and the forthcoming Afterparty Babies.

Based around Pemberton’s vision “to make music that afterparty babies are created to,” you can only assume that the lyrical content on his sophomore full-length will be a bit more compelling than most indie hip-hop releases. As on his debut, Pemberton will be handling both MC and production responsibilities, gliding through fourteen tracks that should illustrate the work this wonderkid has put in with artists like Buck 65 and Anti MC. Set for release on March 4, 2008, this eagerly anticipated record may be a warning for MCs in mid-production to step up their game.

1. Do I Miss My Friends?
2. In Search of the Youth Crew
3. True Story
4. Limited Edition OJ Slammer
5. Juliann Wilding
6. Real Estate
7. Messages Matter
8. Your Hair’s Not Clothes!
9. Tattoos (And What They Really Feel Like)
10. The New Fashion
11. Getting Dumb
12. House Music
13. Unsuccessful Club Nights
14. We Move Away