Call Super has mixed the 92nd fabric mix.

Joseph Richmond-Seaton (better known as Call Super) is the latest artist to step behind the decks for the fabric mix series. He offers up a 24-track work, which is specifically focused on the atmosphere found in the closing hours of a club night. It features cuts from the likes of Objekt, Jan Jelinek, Convextion, Max Loderbauer, and the London-based musician himself.

On the mix, Richmond-Seaton made the following comments: “I love playing every hour of the night. However the late hours seemed strangely underrepresented within this series, and I thought it would be good to start there instead of using this opportunity to add another peak time chapter to the collection.”

The London club recently re-opened its doors with a weekend of parties on January 6, following several months enforced closure.

fabric 92 will be released February 17. Pre-order it here.


01. Beatrice Dillon & Rupert Clervaux “The Same River Twice”
02. M:I:5 “Maßtab 1:5/11”
03. Jan Jelinek “Tendency”
04. Dresvn “Untitled B1”
05. Objekt “The Stitch-Up”
06. Two Full Minds “No Smoke”
07. Photek “T’Raenon”
08. Don’t DJ “Pornoire”
09. Flanger “Spinner”
10. Carl Craig “A Wonderful Life” (Epic Mix)
11. Call Super “Acephale I”
12. Call Super “Acephale II”
13. Marco Bernardi “Demonia”
14. Jega “ZX82”
15. Shanti Celeste “Strung Up”
16. Bitstream “Incubator”
17. Bruce “Sweat”
18. Convextion “Niche”
19. Karen Gwyer “Hippie Fracca”
20. Thomas Ankersmit & Valerio Tricoli “Plague #7”
21. Walter Brown “Keep On Walkin'”
22. Yves Tumor “The Feeling When You Walk Away”
23. Max Loderbauer “Giant Hug”
24. Speng Bond “Cutbacks”