Joe Seaton (a.k.a. Call Super) has announced a new album, Every Mouth Teeth Missing, arriving on the Incienso label.

The forthcoming LP will be Seaton’s first on Anthony Naples and Jesse Slattery’s New York label. His first two full-length efforts, 2017’s Arpo and 2014’s Suzi Ecto, landed on Houndstooth.

There are no further details announced other than the tracklisting and a note from the label, which states that the album’s composition has been a “strange constant rain” in Seaton’s life, “replenishing over the last three years in which it has been made.”

This will be Seaton’s first release of the year. It follows a collaboration with Parris (CANUFEELTHESUNONYRBACK), an EP on Peach Discs (All We Have Is Speed) as Call Super, and an EP as Ondo Fudd on The Trilogy Tapes (Eyes Glide Through The Oxide) last year.


01. An Unstable Music
02. Every Mouth Teeth Missing
03. Pleasure For Pleasure
04. Opperton Swim
05. Mouth Bank Bed
06. Sleep All Night With Open Eye
07. Pay As U Glow
08. Ekkles
09. Welcome New People
10. Milkweed

Every Mouth Teeth Missing will drop on October 23 on vinyl and digital formats and can be pre-ordered here. Meanwhile, you can stream “Every Mouth Teeth Missing” below.