Camila Fuchs—a duo made up of Camila de Laborde and Daniel Hermann-Collini—have announced their new album, Heart Pressed Between Stones, with a video single for album track “One on One.”

Heart Pressed Between Stones is the duo’s sophomore album, following 2016’s Singing From Fixed Rung, which pulled its tense emotional content from the fragility of living in the modern world. Flowing on from where the previous album left off, the new LP looks to varied subject matter in the world around us, including “love, going against love; pursuing a path, panic attacks. Heatwaves, dreams, media, weapons, manipulation.” To craft the album, the duo recorded in a more live and physical manner, recording and mixing as they went, which resulted in a more raw, direct, and emotionally charged LP that flirts with soaring pop, deep and twisted beat outings, and haunting ambience.

Alongside the album announcement, the duo have shared the album’s first video single, “One on One,” a beautiful, haunting, and thrilling video directed by Anton Tammi‘s Tiistai film collective.

You can watch the video below, with the record available for pre-order here. Heart Pressed Between Stones will drop via ATP Recordings.