Young French DJ/producer Cédric Steffens (a.k.a. Canblaster) continues to secure himself as an integral part in the forward movement of contemporary club music with a brand-new release scheduled to drop on the party-starting Nightshifters label. The Master of Complication EP will be released on Feburary 15, and features eight tracks comprised of four original tunes and four remixes from the likes of Teki Latex & Para One, Jubilee, and others. You can check out the artwork and full tracklist for Canblaster’s forthcoming EP below.

1. Clockworks
2. Triple Ring
3. Lost in the Shell
4. Timemaster’s Chronicles
5. Clockworks (Teki Latex & Para One Remix)
6. Triple Ring (Magnum Remix)
7. Triple Ring (Jubilee Remix)
8. Timemaster’s Chronicles (Bambounou Remix)