After putting together a massive playlist of his favorite tracks for a digital mixtape of sorts last week, Caribou has continued to keep himself busy, today dropping a live album from his Caribou Vibration Ensemble (which features Four Tet and James Holden, among others) and sharing a new two-hour mix for BBC Radio 6.

First, the Caribou Vibration Ensemble’s live album captures three extended performances from the group, who stretch Caribou’s “Bowls” and “Sun” compositions out past their original track lengths, while the record’s “Ahmed, Colin, James, Kieran, Kyle, Rob & Steve” cut appears to be a live jam session between the outfit’s players. Recorded live in 2011 (“Bowls” and “Sun” from a performance in Ghent, Belgium; “Ahmed, Colin, James, Kieran, Kyle, Rob & Steve” from a performance in London), Caribou’s CVE Live 2011 album can be streamed in full below; the record is out today in digital form, with a limited number of LP copies also beginning to appear in stores today. Furthermore, taking to his Twitter, Caribou explains that all proceeds from the album’s sales will go to Gendered Intelligence “in memory of our dear friend Julia Brightly.”

In addition to the live album, a new mix from Caribou has surfaced. The two-hour session originally aired on Friday via BBC Radio 6, who describes the mix as “two hours of musical inspirations, old and new” from the artist-born Dan Snaith. The full mix—which also includes an unreleased tune from Snaith’s Daphni project in its run—is available to stream here.