Canadian pop experimentalist Dan Snaith (a.k.a Caribou) released his most recent LP, the excellent Swim, over two years ago. And though there’s been no announcement of a proper follow up to that full-length, the multi-faceted artist has said he’ll soon release an album under his more house-leaning moniker, Daphni. JIAOLONG (pronounced “jow-long,” artwork above) is a nine-song LP arriving on October 16 via Merge and Snaith’s own Jiaolong imprint. Speaking on his forthcoming album, the producer says, “I’d fallen back in love with moments in small, dark clubs when a DJ puts on a piece of music that not only can you not identify but that until you heard it, you could not have conceived of it existing. In contrast to live concerts where bands predictably string together the songs from their most recent album, DJs have the potential to blindside you, be genuinely surprising. As a music producer, the parameters of dance music seem wider. The rhythmic underpinnings are liberating rather than constraining, allowing the rest of the elements to coalesce from a broad palette.” The sound of JIAOLONG is also said to be centered around a modular synth that Snaith built himself, some of which you might be able to hear in the video for album cut and early single “Ye Ye,” below. The tracklist for JIAOLONG is underneath the video.

01. Yes, I Know
02. Cos-Ber-Zam – Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)
03. Ye Ye
04. Light
05. Pairs
06. Ahora
07. Jiao
08. Springs
09. Long