Over the years, Detroit techno veteran Carl Craig has put together an impressive body of work that’s as diverse and ever-growing as the collection of aliases he’s come up with to release his music. His most recent project, an EP titled Last Decade, will add six tracks and another moniker to the producer’s discography. This time, Carl Craig is Carls Davis, and the songs are six different “sketches” of muted techno that use simple composition to maximum head-nodding effect. Craig’s own Planet E imprint will be releasing Last Decade tomorrow as a 12″ and a digital download, but snippets of each track are available now via the label’s Soundcloud. The streaming player has been embedded below, along with the EP artwork and complete tracklist. (via FACT)

01. Sketches Pt. 1
02. Sketches Pt. 2
03. Sketches Pt. 3
04. Sketches Pt. 4
05. Sketches Pt. 5
06. Sketches Pt. 6