Not to be outdone by the Glitch Mob’s unique live band approach to computer music, Detroit techno legend and Planet E boss Carl Craig is stepping away from the laptop and heading not to a MIDI controller, but a full orchestra setup.

On October 18, Les Siècles Orchestra will perform Craig’s music with a full setup (you know, like with violins and cellos and such) at this year’s Versus event at the Cité de la Musique in Paris. From what we gather, it works like this: Craig handed over some tracks to pianist Francesco Tristano, who arranged the music. François-Xavier Roth will direct the orchestra. It’s not known yet which tracks the orchestra will perform, but a new piece which Craig co-wrote with the elusive Berlin producer Moritz Von Oswald is slated to be unveiled. Take that, Ableton.

Photo By Riva Sayegh.