What magical powers keep a producer going strong for nearly two decades? Check Carl Craig‘s forthcoming, double-disc release on !K7 to find out. The Planet-E founder and Detroit techno legend is set to drop Carl Craig Sessions in March of this year, and the sheer volume of work on this sampler will prove why he has managed to stick around so long in the music game.

“I’ve always dealt with my music in an improvisational way and I think the way that I mix in the club is how I mix in the studio,” Craig explained in a November 2005 interview with XLR8R. “I’m able to put enough of myself into it to where it feels more human than just being a cold set of just track after track after track.”

The two discs will feature classic Carl Craig tunes and remixes, from the famous club banger “Throw” to his recent, Grammy nominated reworking of the Junior Boys’ “Like a Child,” as well as some unreleased edits, and one brand new track. Let’s hope he stays this prolific for another two decades.

CD 1
1. Directions “Busted Trees (Carl Craig ‘Sessions’ Remix)”
2. Junior Boys “Like a Child “Carl Craig Remix)”
3. Rhythm & Sound “Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix)”
4. Chez Damier “Help Myself (Reconstructed by Carl Craig)”
5. Paperclip People “Throw (Unreleased Version)”
6. Beanfield “Tides (Carl Craig ‘Sessions’ Remix)”
7. Paperclip People “Clear and Present”
8. Theo Parrish “Falling Up (Carl Craig Remix”
9. Paperclip People “Oscillator (Original Version)”
10. Cesaria Evora “Angola (Original Remix)”
11. Francesco Tristano “The Melody (Carl Craig Remix)”
12. Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom “Revelee (Carl Craig ‘Sessions’ Remix)”

CD 2
1. 69 “Rushed (Original Version)”
2. 69 “Psychobeat (Previously Unreleased)”
3. Xpress2 “Kill 100 (Carl Craig ‘Sessions’ Remix)”
4. Tres Demented “Demented (Or Just Crazy) (Original Version)”
5. Faze Action “In the Trees (Unreleased Carl Craig Remix)”
6. Tres Demented “Brainfreeze (Carl Craig ‘Sessions’ Remix)”
7. Carl Craig “Futurelovetheme (Carl Craig ‘Sessions’ Remix)”
8. Carl Craig “Sandstorms (Original Version)”
9. Innerzone Orchestra “Bug in the Bass Bin (Carl Craig ‘Sessions’ Remix)”

Photo By Riva Sayegh.