First The Grey Album, then Girl Talk, and now this. Bi-coastal producer Jason Drake (a.k.a. Cassettes Won’t Listen) prepared this meeting of seemingly disparate musical entities between studio sessions for his forthcoming new full-length album, and is now unleashing Animal Ox, a meeting of Animal Collective and Cannibal Ox. Whether this is a “hipster’s wet dream” or not, the basis for the idea has interesting roots. To paraphrase the press release, Cannibal Ox’s 2001 album, The Cold Vein, was a highly influential release that launched both El-P’s group and label into the underground hip-hop spotlight when it came out. Hundreds of miles away at the same time, Animal Collective came together and started slowly climbing the ladder to indie stardom. Animal Ox joins the genre-defying nature of Animal Collective’s discography with Cannibal Ox’s singular opus in what Cassettes Won’t Listen hopes is a respectful and interesting way—he’s essentially paying homage to some of indie music’s most unparalleled icons. Check out the album’s artwork and tracklist below, and download the whole thing for free here.

01 A B-Boys Alpha
02 Battle For Asgard
03 The F-word
04 Vein
05 Real Earth
06 Raspberry Fields
07 Atom
08 Scream Phoenix
09 Painkillers