Cassy is set to release a new EP, titled Cassy 004.

Just over a year ago Cassy embarked on her largest and most personal project yet, her debut solo album Donna, released via AUS Music. Since then, she has put out a string of remixes on Powerplant, Turbo, Echoe, and Watergate, plus a track on Muna’s latest VA. Throughout this period, Cassy has also been in the studio working on new material, the first of which is Cassy 004’.

As the title infers, Cassy is reawakening her self-titled imprint she created in 2006, and has had three previous releases until now. With no plan or set schedule, the remit was simply to release her own records, when the time is right, and the quality is high. The music has always reflected the quirkier side to Cassy’s club tastes.


A1. One
A2. Two
B1. One (Cassy Reshape)

Cassy 004 is scheduled for September 15 release.